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Our Stories

Friends from the Netherlands

禪與松休閒養生會館:遠從荷蘭來的朋友After a long journey from Europe, these two friends from the Netherlands stayed for six relaxing days. They assured us that they felt the comfort of being at home, yet with excellent service and satisfying food which they claimed rivaled that of Michelin star restaurants. We made a deal to see each other again.

A Swiss family moved by their stay

禪與松休閒養生會館:來自瑞士,平易近人的一家人Commenting on their time at Zen and Pine the father noted that “It felt like staying in paradise.” The elder brother and younger sister always wore a smile on their faces, while their mother was very touched by her stay. Before leaving, she hugged a staff member with tears around her eyes and said that she felt reluctant to leave. We assured her we would be happy to meet again.

Welcome Ms. Servelle and the group from Germany

禪與松休閒養生會館:歡迎來自德國的好朋友We warmly welcomed Ms. Servelle and her group from Germany. Before leaving, they gave Zen and Pine Resort some lovely souvenirs including German wine, spices, and a collection of stamps in appreciation for their meaningful stay. These grateful visitors noted the paradise-like quality of the peaceful setting, far enough away from urban bustle, yet close enough to local sights to enjoy conveniently. Our German guests also remarked how they liked the bright, clean, and comfortable accommodations during their stay. Seeing everything in the region was not possible for Ms. Servelle and friends, so they promised to return for another visit to fully take in the splendor of the Nantou region. It is always a pleasure to host guests again!

Friends from Kaohsiung

禪與松休閒養生會館:從高雄來的朋友耶We met new friends who came from Kaohsiung early in the morning. The couple also brought a baby with them on their first visit, and it was lovely to meet them!

Friends came from Northern Taiwan for holidays

Zen and Pine,Mid-Autumn Festival holidaysTaking advantage of the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, this family came from Taipei and stayed for two days. These guests were very pleasant and relaxed enjoying their many moments of happiness during the holidays. What could be more rejuvenating than drinking tea, chatting, looking at flowers, enjoying pine trees, and staring with a sense of wonder at the moon together as a family?

A classmate reunion held at Zen and Pine Resort

禪與松休閒養生會館:同學會在禪與松A group of pleasant people pose during a classmate reunion at Zen and Pine Resort. They chatted, drank tea and laughed happily. It will be a pleasure to host them again.

DIY plum-tree wooden pencils

禪與松休閒養生會館:梅樹筆禪與松休閒養生會館:禪與松可以DIY 梅樹筆
Guests staying at Zen and Pine Resort are welcome to make their own plum tree pencils which can be personalized with carved words or images.

DIY colorful magic cups

禪與松休閒養生會:多彩奇幻杯 DIY 禪與松休閒養生會:來個多彩奇幻杯DIY 
What can you do at night during a stay at Zen and Pine Resort? How about making a creative souvenir—a lovely cup with a magic and color
all its own.

A refreshing summer drink — healthy Taiwan white pine needle juice


Making Taiwan white pine needle juice is a complex process.


After the juice is made, it requires filtering and then becomes a smooth and delicious drink.


Just made by hand, this refreshing Taiwan white pine needle juice is ready to be served. Please make requests early in your stay to ensure availability.(more)

When spring is coming, there are plenty of flowers to enjoy in the garden.


Jasmine shrubs in blossom


Delicate little flowers


As the weather becomes warmer, the hosts of blossoming flowers help create a relaxing atmosphere; welcome to Zen and Pine Resort and behold our floral beauty.

Chinese fringetree – April snow

禪與松休閒養生會:四月雪流蘇On warm sunny days, imagine snow comes in April.
Chinese Fringetrees, also known as April snow, have dainty rice-sized white petals as fine as lace. When the wind blows, the pleasant fragrance drifts refreshingly through the air.

The May plum harvest

In May, plums are harvested in the garden. Picking, selecting, cleaning, and making fermented plums is not an easy job, but well worth the effort.

Bamboo shoots


Bamboo shoots at Zen and Pine Resort grow in the surrounding wilderness. Watch your step; the mountain path after the rain is slippery, but bamboo shoots from Zen and Pine Resort are fresh and delicious.

What is that—a rhinoceros beetle?

禪與松休閒養生會:禪與松有獨角仙Zen and Pine Resort owns a rich, natural ecological environment.
Look, what creature is crawling in this picture? Kids come here and see rhinoceros beetles like this one quite happily. Come with your kids when you are available, and you definitely will have a surprising new discovery.